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Finally, finished Halo 2 and I am quite pleased with myself! Been waiting long for this game, cause Microsoft in their infinite wisdom decided not to release the xbox here in sunny SA. We had to wait for the xbox 360 or cough up some serious dough to import the  xbox and the games. But now that the 360 is available locally and someone was nice enough to lend us the sequel to Halo. So here are my thoughts on a game that everyone else already reviewed to death. I do not have the usual complaints like most other folks, like the pistol sucks, the ending was a let down, etc.

I liked the game because the gameplay was more or less the same to the original. The bad guys moved when I shot at them and shot back! Lots of fun that! No time to worry about why my pistol was knocking them dead after 1 shot. I mean the game had so much other weapons to choose from. The needler in Halo 2 is so cool and when dual wielded you just point shoot and run away.

Playing as the Arbiter is really cool too, cause now we get to understand why the covenant are so hell bent on getting themselves and everyone killed! Talk about a bunch of zealot nutcases! So now we wait for Halo 3 to finish the fight but will the fight really be over cause once the master chief stops the prophet, there’s still the flood to be dealt with and I doubt the flood can be bargained with. So now peace deal and the fight continues!

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March 2, 2007 - Posted by | Games

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