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To all our loyal reader(s), sorry.

I think its safe to say we suck at this blogging thing. I have to admit it is a lot harder than i thought it would be. I figured: I like games, I like gadgets. HEY! Lets do a blog about games and gadgets. Heck, lets even call it gamesandgadgets. So far theres hasn’t been many games or gadgets.

I don’t know. Maybe me and PlayerTwo just aren’t cut for this. It sure is a time sink. Between work and a wife and kids, it sure is an effort to find the time to blog. And i’m not short on content. I’ve got tons of opinions on gaming. PS3’s immenent launch here in SA, lack of Xbox Live, what’s the deal with Nintendo’s local distributor and just games in general.

I find i actually dream about what i am going to blog about, but never actually find the time to actually post.

Is it just me?

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