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To all our loyal reader(s), sorry.

I think its safe to say we suck at this blogging thing. I have to admit it is a lot harder than i thought it would be. I figured: I like games, I like gadgets. HEY! Lets do a blog about games and gadgets. Heck, lets even call it gamesandgadgets. So far theres hasn’t been many games or gadgets.

I don’t know. Maybe me and PlayerTwo just aren’t cut for this. It sure is a time sink. Between work and a wife and kids, it sure is an effort to find the time to blog. And i’m not short on content. I’ve got tons of opinions on gaming. PS3’s immenent launch here in SA, lack of Xbox Live, what’s the deal with Nintendo’s local distributor and just games in general.

I find i actually dream about what i am going to blog about, but never actually find the time to actually post.

Is it just me?

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Xbox Live Stinks

I know what you thinking: This guy must be high or retarded. Or both, because Xbox Live definitely does not stink. And ya, you’re probably right.But at least allow me to explain.

If you are reading this from the States or the UK or one of any number countries Xbox Live is really sweet. If however you are South African like me, Xbox Live is like that really hot teacher you had in high school. She’d wear low cut tops and tight skirts and bend over alot. And man you’d stare and you just knew you were missing something really hot. Plus, she recently graduated from University, so she wasn’t way older than you and you’re thinking: I may just have a shot here. As soon as you try and sign up, though, it’s sorry you’re not my type.

What i’m getting at with this crappy analogy is that South Africans know how awesome Live is. We read about it. We hear you guys yuk it up on the forums and we want some of that to.

So we try to sign up. And bam!! Sorry not available to South African.

But its cool. We tweak our settings, pretend we’re from the UK, give a fake address so we can sign up and then enjoy our free monthly trial of Xbox Live.

And. It. Is. AWESOME.

Until the trial expires. So we decide we’ll pay up, ’cause man that Xbox Live is so worth it. But ’cause we pretended we were Brits we have to pay in pounds sterling. The exchange rate is not favourable.But there are a few rich schmucks who can pony up that coinage. I, however, am not one of them.

Simply put: Xbox Live stinks, ’cause i cant have it.

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If you’re one of the people that’s been nice enough to visit our blog, thanks. Bet that “still under construction” post from PlayerTwo was starting to get tired after awhile.  You’re thinking: It’s a blog. What the hell is there to construct. You’re using wordpress, you noobs. Just post and run with it.

See, the odd thing is me and PlayerTwo have been thinking about starting our own website for a long time. For years, and this is before blogging, we’ve been bullshitting about what it would be about, how it would look, how it would break the Internet ’cause it was too. damn. duidelik. (That means it would rock harder that granite to you non-South Africans. Yes, we are South African. No, we don’t live with lions.) It was kind of like a dream we always had.

So PlayerTwo just went and set it up. Sent me an email, go to this link it says. And there it was.

Our blog…

Thing about dreams is, sometimes when something you want is right there it just intimidates the hell out of you. It’s that very sensation that’s keeps many people from realising there potential and its what kept me from posting anything worth a damn. But you know what, it’s a blog. Post something already, you twat. Stop waxing all poetic and lets get down to bits and pixels.

The deal is this: PlayerTwo and I are in to games and gadgets. We are not experts and we don’t work in the electronics industry. We just like this stuff. And this is where we’ll talk about the crap we like. Simple.  Every now and then we’ll get a bit off track, hell we might get alot off track. Point is we’re here to have fun and we’ll let this thing develop organically.

So, we’re gonna start discussing games we like and games we hate. Toys we wish we had the cash to buy and toys we wish someone would design already.

It’s gonna be awesome. Check back later.

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