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To all our loyal reader(s), sorry.

I think its safe to say we suck at this blogging thing. I have to admit it is a lot harder than i thought it would be. I figured: I like games, I like gadgets. HEY! Lets do a blog about games and gadgets. Heck, lets even call it gamesandgadgets. So far theres hasn’t been many games or gadgets.

I don’t know. Maybe me and PlayerTwo just aren’t cut for this. It sure is a time sink. Between work and a wife and kids, it sure is an effort to find the time to blog. And i’m not short on content. I’ve got tons of opinions on gaming. PS3’s immenent launch here in SA, lack of Xbox Live, what’s the deal with Nintendo’s local distributor and just games in general.

I find i actually dream about what i am going to blog about, but never actually find the time to actually post.

Is it just me?

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First Pictures and Specs of The New Commodore Gaming PC’s

“After years anguishing as a ghost of gaming year
’s gone-by, Commodore is looking to get back into the market with it’s line of high-end custom gaming PC’s. We’ve got an assortment of pictures straight from the all-new Commodore Gaming, plus a sample hardware run-down of it’s top-of-the-line Cxx system.”

Commodore brings back memories good and bad! I had the VIC 20, C64 and the C128. They should still be lying in my dads garage collecting dust! The hours it took to load one game was past by playing cricket or soccer in the street. Then to come back inside only to get some obscure error message cause the tape was faulty or someone pushed stop while you where out. And most of the games I had were all on tape! The stiffy drive came much later but by then the IBM clones where more popular and the early consoles started showing up. These new commodores might be fancier but I doubt they will ever inspire and entire generation gamers.

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Why I upgraded to linux!

Like many computer users I have heard about this free operating system thats better than windows and like many users, I tried Linux when it was still early in development circa: win 98/red hat 7. I installed this alien software and learned 2 things:

1: the command line was not for me
2: windows 98 was easier since i did not need to use command line.

Fast Forward to present day and my primary OS is Linux! Ubuntu to be exact. Linux has matured to an easy to use click and run setup, no longer needing the command line to get the simple things done, like connecting to the Internet! Why after sticking to windows till xp would I change over to Linux?

Filthy virus, spyware, malware and every other kind of ware turned me against windows! I am a lazy fella and personally I believe windows is for lazy people but when u spend so much time cleaning up after you use it, thats just to much work for me. So I needed something that would be virus proof, so I considered my options, Apple Mac with the excellent OS X or the free Linux.

Well since Apple Macs cost a fortune here in sunny South Africa, the next option was obvious but I still had an issue with Linux The dreaded command line! I mean why do I have to tell the OS how to connect to the Internet, where are the easy wizards that you just click next, ok and finish! So I hopped onto the Internet and did some research to see what options are available to a guy like me and found Ubuntu, the best part I did not have to download the iso, since bandwidth in SA is more rare than a white rhino, so I had them send me a bunch of cd’s.

I had an old 4gig drive collecting dust perfect for a test installation and the installation was the easy part cause as soon as it was done, I needed the command line to setup a PPPOE dial up to connect to the Internet! No way, that just put me off Linux again and I stashed the cd’s in draw!

I suffered with windows till edgy eft and by then I had upgraded my home network to include a linksys router. Since it did the connecting to the Internet, I should have no need to tell Linux how to connect to Internet So I asked PlayerOne to download the iso for edy eft for me. Burned a cd and installed it on my desktop. I was pleasantly surprised, no drivers where required for any of the hardware and since the wireless card worked, I was connected to the Internet!

And I found out while trying to get other stuff, that the dreaded command line is still a part of Linux, not a big part but still a part. But I was happy, so happy in fact that I installed Linux onto my notebook as well. And damn it worked just fine on that too! I can now surf the Internet and not have to worry about viruses, spyware and most other crap out there! Now if only Linux could do something about spam!

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PlayerOne has arrived!

Finally, he says somthing! And boy once he gets started, he just does not stop! I mean he goes on about dreaming, games, etc. And that last part about buying stuff, he actally means stuff I do not want to buy for him! But now that he decided to get started he will hog all the good stuff and leave me to stand in the background and make fun of the stuff he writes about!

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If you’re one of the people that’s been nice enough to visit our blog, thanks. Bet that “still under construction” post from PlayerTwo was starting to get tired after awhile.  You’re thinking: It’s a blog. What the hell is there to construct. You’re using wordpress, you noobs. Just post and run with it.

See, the odd thing is me and PlayerTwo have been thinking about starting our own website for a long time. For years, and this is before blogging, we’ve been bullshitting about what it would be about, how it would look, how it would break the Internet ’cause it was too. damn. duidelik. (That means it would rock harder that granite to you non-South Africans. Yes, we are South African. No, we don’t live with lions.) It was kind of like a dream we always had.

So PlayerTwo just went and set it up. Sent me an email, go to this link it says. And there it was.

Our blog…

Thing about dreams is, sometimes when something you want is right there it just intimidates the hell out of you. It’s that very sensation that’s keeps many people from realising there potential and its what kept me from posting anything worth a damn. But you know what, it’s a blog. Post something already, you twat. Stop waxing all poetic and lets get down to bits and pixels.

The deal is this: PlayerTwo and I are in to games and gadgets. We are not experts and we don’t work in the electronics industry. We just like this stuff. And this is where we’ll talk about the crap we like. Simple.  Every now and then we’ll get a bit off track, hell we might get alot off track. Point is we’re here to have fun and we’ll let this thing develop organically.

So, we’re gonna start discussing games we like and games we hate. Toys we wish we had the cash to buy and toys we wish someone would design already.

It’s gonna be awesome. Check back later.

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Still underconstruction!

Hello fellow bloggers and visitors!

Our apologize’s that we have not put up something interesting to read but  we are kinda new to the blogging business. I am Player Two, Player One is kinda shy but does most of the talking once he gets started, we hope to have some interesting stuff up by the end of the week and hopefully everyday after that something different.

Thank u for your patience.

Player Two

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